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Cornish Red Data (2009)

The descriptive text, below the map, is from the Cornish Red Data Book (2009). The map on this web page depicts the organisms distribution and shows the records made pre-2000 and those made since.

Porcellionides pruinosus

Range & Status

Widespread throughout Britain but more frequent in the east than in the west.

Regional Distribution

The only Cornish record for this species is from The Lizard, near Housel Bay on the 16th June 1977 (Rundle, 1978).

Habitat & Ecology

Usually found in and around dung heaps and compost heaps, or farm buildings associated with livestock, but also under the bark of decaying hardwood trees in pasture.


Reduction in use of dung piles to manage animal waste.


A more recent visit to the Cornish site failed to find this species, the dung heap habitat no longer being in place. A survey to ascertain the current status of this species within Cornwall would be useful.


I.J. Bennallick, S. Board, C.N. French, P.A. Gainey, C. Neil, R. Parslow, A. Spalding and P.E. Tompsett. eds. 2009. Red Data Book for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 2nd Edition.Croceago Press.

The Cornish Red Data Book Project was led by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Federation for Biological Recorders (CISFBR). The full text and species accounts (minus the maps) are available on the CISFBR website.