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Flora of Cornwall (1999)

The descriptive text, below the map, is from the Flora of Cornwall (1999), which was a Tetrad Atlas (the maps had 2km square dots or Tetrads). The map on this web page depicts the plant's distribution at the 1km square scale and shows the records made pre-2000 which were used in the 1999 Flora and those made since.

Vicia bithynica - Bithynian Vetch

Bithynian Vetch has persisted since 1950 along a Cornish Hedge beside the lane to Housel Bay, near Lizard Village (SW71B, 1993, R.J. Murphy). It appeared in an old bulb field on Gwenver Cliff in Penwith in 1960 and was still there in 1974 (SW32T, M. Cuddy). This Nationally Scarce plant has also been recorded on the Isles of Scilly ans as a casual tan-bark alien at the Grampound Tannery (SW94J, 1987, A.L. Grenfell).


French, C.N., Murphy, R.J. & Atkinson, M. 1999. Flora of Cornwall. Wheal Seton Press, Camborne.