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New Flora of Cornwall now available.

A small team of volunteers has surveyed very one kilometre square of Cornwall since 1999. This Flora of Cornwall is the most comprehensive so far. Sections include the effects of:

  • climate
  • geology
  • soils
  • topography
  • mining
  • quarrying
  • agriculture

There is also information on:

  • vegetation history
  • key habitats
  • botanical regions
  • recording history
  • losses and gains
  • rare and/or threatened plants

This new Flora of Cornwall comprises a 550 page, full colour, hardback, slightly larger than A4, book, covering 3050 taxa and includes over 1200 distribution maps and more than 1700 photographs. It is based on 2.25 million flowering plant and fern computerised records. It also includes a chapter dealing with drift seeds (disseminules) written by Paul Gainey and the extensive bramble section is written by Keith Spurgin.

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